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Brian Cox

Born and educated in Cape Town, South Africa, I moved to New Zealand in February 2016 and chose Auckland as my preferred base. My career path has exposed me to a variety of company structures from small owner-managed companies to huge multinational corporations. Since graduation from the University of Cape Town in 1993, I’ve held roles in electronics design, project management, and team and department leadership. I joined Electronic Partners in April 2016 to do what I enjoy; designing the electronics hardware for our Customers’ products.

My hobbies include volunteer work with children and teenagers, nature and cityscape photography, and aviation. For physical fitness, I enjoy hiking / tramping from an hour to five days, and social badminton. My musical taste is varied and includes Classical, Rock, 70’s & 80’s Pop, and even some “Metal” ballades. Music with meaningful lyrics usually catches my attention. I am what many describe as a confirmed bachelor and dedicate my spare time to helping others, notably the youth in my community.