About Us


Kevin Huang

When I was a kid, my favourite thing to do was to take apart any electronics that I could find and see what was inside. During high school, I developed electronic projects to solve real life problems. From these projects, I won numerous awards from the Auckland Science fair, Bright Sparks, Realise the Dream and also represented New Zealand in the 30th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition.

During my tertiary education at the University of Auckland, I worked as an intern for Electronic Partners, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and PowerShield to further develop my skills. That is when I realised electronics has the ability to change the world and advance us into the next age. After I completed my study, I decided to join Electronic Partners as a Graduate Hardware Development Engineer.

I enjoy cycling and motorcycling around the city. In my spare time, I like to work on some geeky home projects to improve my skills, such as a Tron Legacy Suit.