How Do I Find A Manufacturer Who Can Produce My Microcontroller Design?

Microcontroller Manufacturing

Your search for an electronics design company or manufacturer depends on whether you’re set on designing a new microcontroller and its architecture from the ground up, or are simply looking to use a pre-existing microcontroller within the design of a new application or custom designed electronic product.

The former is a rare occurrence, though it is possible. For many electronics designers, the most cost effective method is through the purchasing of an Xilinx or Atmel FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays). An FPGA is a large, complex chip consisting of millions of the basic building blocks that are used to design almost any complex digital circuit: from simple timers through to entire, fully-functioning CPUs. From here, the custom microcontroller design can be built using VHDL or Verilog, before using the MOSIS process to take the design and re-spin it using ASIC.

It’s worth noting that – given the time, money and work required to produce a custom microcontroller – a much simpler and more cost-effective method is to simply use one of the many existing microcontrollers already readily available on the market today, that likely fits your design needs.

In the event of either of these scenarios, a team like the one we have at Electronic Partners are highly skilled and able to help you through the electronics design process, taking your idea from concept to reality and every step in between.

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