Electronic Partners has been providing electronic product development services for over 10 years from Birkenhead, Auckland.  We are specialists in LCD applications, embedded control products and Home Automation technologies.  Our IP building blocks, developed in-house, deliver outstanding results in short time frames.

Our “DESIGN YOUR PROFIT” philosophy means we create products that are clever, cost-effective, reliable and easy to manufacture. In short, when you’re looking for product development – we are truly the Electronic Partners of choice.

What our clients say about us

Navman Wireless“Electronic Partners provided a software engineer to work on our Python test automation project. As a company of engineers they understood our needs and assigned the right person for the job. The engineer was highly skilled, immediately understood what we wanted to achieve and made a really helped us achieve the product reliability we were looking for. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Electronic Partners’ services again” – Matt Simpson, Navman Wireless

ATRAX logo“Electronic Partners tendered for the development of our equipment and won the contract on the basis of their ‘DESIGN FOR PROFIT’ proposal. We were impressed with the innovation and delivery throughout all stages of the development, despite significant time constraints and variations in the product specification. Electronic Partners has been able to both identify future problems and to provide alternative resolutions. They worked in a flexible and interactive manner that allowed us to concentrate on our core business activities knowing they had our best interests at heart. They maximised our product potential!” – ATRAX Group Ltd

BEP Marine logo“Electronic Partners gives BEP Marine the flexibility to outsource all or certain aspects of the electronic development. We are impressed with their workmanship, detailed BOMs and manufacturing expertise. Electronic Partners contribution in software and hardware design assisted BEP in obtaining several awards and patents”.
– BEP Marine Ltd

SAYR logo“We contracted Electronic Partners to develop our home ventilation system, from proof of concept and approvals testing right through to manufactured product. We are pleased with the result and most impressed by Electronic Partners’ innovative thinking and continued support.” – SAYR Ventilation (a subsidiary of Switched On Energy Ltd)

MX Marine logo“Electronic Partners LTD has been contracted to lead major elements of several critical development programs over the last 1 ½ years. Every project has been executed professionally and in a timely manner. His work is of the highest quality and his ability to work with R&D managers and design engineers in PCB layout, hardware and software has been a tremendous asset to our organization.” – MX Marine Ltd

The specification for the sensor controller necessitated a compact design and exclusively surface mount components for cost-effective mass production…..Bram’s design worked straight off the drawing board with no problems and he delivered the electronics on time and on costs.
– Reality Check Limited.


Q. Is Electronic Partners the best company to develop my product?
A. We offer competitive and specialist hardware design in Altium; embedded software design; and management of associated tasks. We do small volume manufacture and provide support for manufacture in China. Other tasks can be outsourced through our network or managed by you. Why not talk to us about your idea? We give a one hour free consultation to discuss your requirements.

Q. I have a new product idea that I want to protect. How much should I tell you?
A. Once both parties have signed a non-disclosure agreement, you should feel free to tell us everything you can about your idea.  With our mutual interests protected, the more you can tell us the better we can help translate your idea into a truly state-of-the-art product.

Q. I need to know the expenses upfront. How much is it going to cost?
A. We understand why costs are important to you and appreciate it’s essential to keep you appraised as to costs every step of the way.  Equally we understand that competitive products using new technologies have an inherent risk of changing and evolving during development. Finessing a product to your needs, finding unique solutions and ironing out bugs take time and materials.  After a free consultation to evaluate your project, we will provide you with an estimate.  However if you prefer a more precise costing, you will need to order a research report from us so we can set pricing around the unknown contingencies.
Q. I need the product for marketing by a certain date. Will it be ready?
A. The short answer is yes.  The long answer is that there are a number of factors to be considered and variations to specifications, along with compliance requirements can move delivery times substantially.

  • Our quote / estimate will detail how much time is estimated to complete the project milestones.  We will discuss compliance requirements with you in detail, but it is important to note that after a project is finished by us, it may need to be submitted to the Standards Testing Laboratories.  In our experience, testing takes anywhere between one and six months, and can incur significant costs.
  • Our estimated timeframe for development is based on the project start date, so this will change if your project is delayed.  We will of course confirm our revised timeframe prior to commencement and do everything in our power to meet your deadlines.
Photos by Ilan Wittenberg