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Window Actuator

Synchronous control of multiple actuators to open and close large windows.

UV Meter

Large public display of the sun’s UV index. Skinspots had a great idea of publicly displaying the ultraviolet index...

Organ Health Detection

Detection of electrical activity through a non-invasive approach in body organs to determine the health status.

Conference Attendance Management

Real time view of attendance in conference sessions. The Project Management Institute provides...

Product Vending and Dispensing

Ability to provide product suggestions and current promotions to shoppers. As part...

Soil Condition Monitoring

Device collects soil moisture, EC, and temperature in the roots area and transmits it to the cloud.

Fogponics Control

Supports growing of different types of plants indoors – standard and user defined.

Coin-Operated to Cashless

Device collects transaction data and transmits to cloud.

Data Centre Environment Control

Design and development of a complete Control System for Data Centre environment monitoring.

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