About Electronic Partners

New Zealand’s premier electronic product design & development firm

New Zealand’s premier electronic product design & development firm

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Electronic Partners has been providing Electronic Engineering and Software Development services since 2002. We are specialists in the design and development of customised electronic products, embedded software, IT and IoT solutions, and mobile applications. We serve clients world-wide across several industries, such as engineering, transportation, marine, agriculture, construction, healthcare, hospitality, etc.


Our Vision is to be your Trusted partner for Value-Added Offerings in Electronics and Software.

We provide innovative electronic and software product design and development, consulting and manufacturing services that significantly contribute to our client’s sustainability and achievement of their business goals through our “Design Your Profit” philosophy. This means we enable you to quickly realise value and profits from the clever products that we create for you.

When you are looking for product development, we are truly the Electronic Partners of choice.

Our Leadership Team

Shankar Subramanian

Managing Director

Shankar is the Senior Executive with extensive experience in a variety of engineering and management roles in large multi-national companies. With his vast and varied general and project management experience, Shankar has been successfully shaping a highly client centric culture within the company. He has also been building and maintaining relationships with all clients and appropriate industry organisations.

Osmonn Burgos

Chief Technology Officer

Osmonn is the Senior Manager with lots of experience in research and product development, quality, continuous improvement, manufacturing, and project management. With his vast experience in hardware and firmware, failure analysis, testing, reliability, and value engineering, Osmonn has been providing technology directions and steering the company towards state-of-the-art technologies and best engineering practices.

Jimmy Mehta

Business Development

Jimmy is the Technical Marketing and Sales Professional with many years of experience in B2B business development, sales and marketing strategies, and building exceptional relationships in the electronic and other industries. Through his industry wide knowledge and network, Jimmy has been successfully connecting the company with organisations requiring technology solutions with deals that ensure the best outcome for clients.

Our Testimonials

If you are looking for a great career in a New Zealand technology company, we are truly the workplace of choice. Come and be part of a great, diverse, and supportive team to grow your career and at the same time learn a variety of new technology skills. We provide you with a healthy and fun environment and an opportunity to work on diverse projects. And unlike other companies where you will be confined into specific roles, you will have a chance to work on multiple roles depending on your skills.

We are an “Approved Research Provider”, enabling you to qualify for IRD NZ tax incentives.

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