Data Centre Environment Control


Thureon Inc.

Scope of our Work:

Hardware design | Firmware design | Prototype build

Data Centre Environment Control

Project Overview: Data Centre Environment Control - Client: Thureon Inc.


The Data Centre Environment Control project, commissioned by Thureon Inc., encompasses the entire spectrum of hardware and firmware design, prototype building, design for manufacture, and pilot production. The primary objective is the creation of a comprehensive control system for monitoring and regulating the environment within data centers, ensuring optimal performance and safeguarding against potential issues.

Key Phases:

  1. Hardware Design: The project involves the creation of a robust hardware system equipped with multiple sensors, indicators, and actuators. This hardware forms the foundation for monitoring and controlling the data center environment.
  2. Firmware Design: The firmware design focuses on developing the software that runs on the hardware, enabling efficient communication, data processing, and autonomous actions. This critical component ensures the seamless integration and functioning of the entire control system.
  3. Prototype Build: Prototypes are constructed to test and validate the designed hardware and firmware components. This phase involves refining the system based on testing outcomes to enhance performance and reliability.
  4. Design for Manufacture: The design is optimized for large-scale production, considering factors such as cost, efficiency, and scalability. This step ensures that the final product is manufacturable at scale without compromising quality.
  5. Pilot Production: A limited-scale production run is initiated to further validate the manufacturing processes and ensure that the final product meets quality standards. This phase acts as a prelude to full-scale production.

Unique Features:

  1. Scalability: The system is designed to be scalable, allowing it to be configured for data centers of various sizes and with different requirements. This adaptability ensures that the control system can effectively cater to a diverse range of data center environments.
  2. Closed-Loop Control System: The control system operates on a closed-loop mechanism, autonomously taking actions to maintain set conditions within the data center environment. This proactive approach enhances stability and efficiency.
  3. Fault Prevention: In the event of unrecoverable problems, the system initiates actions to prevent equipment damage. Simultaneously, it sends out alarm messages to alert relevant personnel, enabling quick response and resolution.
  4. Dashboard Display: A comprehensive dashboard provides real-time insights into both the environment and equipment statuses. This visual representation enhances monitoring capabilities, allowing for quick assessment and response.

Main Challenges:

  1. Stabilisation of RS485 Communication: Ensuring stable communication via RS485 poses a challenge that needs to be addressed for reliable data transmission within the system.
  2. Sensor Calibration: Achieving precise sensor calibration is crucial for accurate data collection and control actions. This challenge involves fine-tuning sensors to maintain high levels of accuracy.
  3. Supply Chain Challenges: Unforeseen parts shortages in the supply chain pose a challenge that requires strategic management to ensure uninterrupted production and delivery schedules.

The Data Centre Environment Control project for Thureon Inc. represents a comprehensive approach to creating an advanced monitoring and control system. The unique features, scalability, and proactive measures against faults demonstrate a commitment to providing a reliable and adaptable solution for optimizing data center environments. Addressing challenges in communication stabilization, sensor calibration, and supply chain management is integral to ensuring the success and effectiveness of the final product.

Client Testimonial

Ross Vincent, C.O.O.

Armarac (Thureon) Inc.

“ELEX have been our valued partner since 2007. They have kept pace with our business growth and have always been able to provide an exceptional level of resource and technical expertise to ensure our products have been both fully functional and delivered to market on time. Not only have ELEX designed and engineered custom hardware, firmware, and software to enhance our range of products, they have also supported us through several product evolutions and ever-changing functional requirements. Their solutions have always been high-quality, robust, and fit for purpose providing an essential underlying confidence for us as our products are deployed around the globe and utilised by some of the highest ‘tech’ international corporations.”

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