Soil Condition Monitoring


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Scope of our Work:

Hardware design | Firmware design | Prototype build

Soil Condition Monitoring

Project Overview: Soil Condition Monitoring


The Soil Condition Monitoring project is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring and optimizing soil conditions in indoor farms. The device is equipped to collect crucial data including soil moisture, electrical conductivity (EC), and temperature in the root area of plants. This data is then transmitted to the cloud, allowing users to make informed decisions to create the best possible conditions for optimal plant growth.

Key Features:

  1. Data Collection: The device is designed to collect three key parameters crucial for understanding soil health: soil moisture, electrical conductivity (EC), and temperature in the root area. This multi-dimensional data provides a holistic view of the soil conditions necessary for plant growth.
  2. Cloud Transmission: The collected data is transmitted to the cloud, ensuring real-time accessibility from any location. This remote monitoring capability empowers users to stay informed about the soil conditions in their indoor farms, facilitating timely adjustments for optimal plant growth.
  3. Customization: The data collected from the device enables users to tailor the conditions in their indoor farms to meet the specific requirements of their plants. By having a clear understanding of soil moisture, EC, and temperature, users can make precise adjustments to create an environment that promotes optimum plant growth.
  4. Water-Resistant Design: The product is designed to be completely water-resistant, safeguarding it against moisture and environmental conditions. This feature ensures the device's reliability and longevity, even in environments where exposure to water is common.
  5. Fall-Proof Construction: The device is built to withstand accidental falls and impacts. This fall-proof design enhances the durability of the product, ensuring it continues to function effectively in dynamic indoor farming environments.
  6. Battery Efficiency: The device operates using commonly available batteries, and its design prioritizes energy efficiency. This allows the device to function for several months on a single set of batteries, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and providing users with a low-maintenance solution.

The Soil Condition Monitoring project offers a robust solution for indoor farmers, allowing them to monitor and adjust crucial soil parameters for optimal plant growth. The device's water-resistant design, fall-proof construction, and energy-efficient battery usage make it a reliable and durable tool for continuous soil health monitoring. This project addresses the need for precision in indoor farming, providing users with the tools to create the best possible conditions for their plants.


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