Window Actuator


An Engineering Company

Scope of our Work:

Hardware design | Firmware design | Prototype build

Window Actuator

An engineering company approached us to upgrade the electronics for their existing window opener system with a view to improve performance, reduce product cost and enable wireless controls.

Electronic Partners designed and developed a motorised actuator for one of their window products. The actuator opens and closes windows by pushing (or pulling) a chain. The chain is driven using a standard DC (brushed) motor via a cog.

Our scope of work involved designing the electronics to control the opening and closing of the window.

In addition, a remote control was developed to open and close the window using BLE.

Although this project appears simple, the challenge was to deliver a design that was able to control large windows operated using multiple actuators. This involved ensuring that the actuators work as a synchronised set to avoid twisting and breaking the window.

Due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to state the client’s name.

Client Testimonial

Engineering Company in New Zealand

“We initially partnered with ELEX to develop the electronics for a new smart window product. We collaborated with the team from the initial scope of work to completed development of a working prototype. They were able to deliver as requested despite scope/requirement changes during development. Having no previous exposure to our industry, they were able to learn and quickly adapt to our requirements. We take comfort in knowing we can call upon their expertise for future projects.”

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