Organ Health Detection


The University of Auckland

Scope of our Work:

Hardware design | Firmware design | Prototype build | Design for manufacture | Mobile App development

Organ Health Detection

As part of a research project, the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences of the University of Auckland wanted us to develop suitable electronics for measuring the electrical rhythm arising due to contractions of organs in the human body. Just like the heart, there are other parts of the human body that undergo contractions that are accompanied by an electrical rhythm. By measuring the patterns of these electrical rhythms, it is possible for a physician to determine the states of health.

The university wanted us to explore the possibility of adopting a non-invasive approach that involves placing electrodes on the surface of the skin and muscles and measuring electrical activity within.

Our scope of work involved the design of the electronics hardware and firmware and build prototypes. It also involved working together with the research team on development of a mobile app to configure and control the device. We developed a wearable device having suitable electronic circuitry that accurately measures bioelectrical activity.

One major challenge in this project was the difficulty involved in sensing the faint electrical signals generated by the contractions. We had to use special sensors that could faithfully amplify the faint signals without introducing any noise. Another challenge was the electrical signals generated by the organ under test get mixed up with signals generated by other organs in the body. We worked with the researchers at the University to help them separate out the activity of the organ under test from those of other organs. We also had the additional challenge of adhering to strict quality standards for design and documentation required for a medical electronics product.

Client Testimonial

Associate Professor of Surgery

University of Auckland

“The team at electronic partners was instrumental in helping us to achieve our design needs. The project was complex, involving sensitive bioelectrical signal acquisition, integrated firmware development, and robust testing. We were pleased to work closely with their experienced team of engineers throughout the process and the result was excellent.”


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