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Conference Attendance Management

The Project Management Institute provides educational credits to its members when they attend their conferences. The educational credits, called Professional Development Units enables PMI’s members to maintain their certification credentials. PMI NZ approached us to design and implement a solution using which they could gather session attendance data of delegates at their conference in an unobtrusive manner.

We designed a solution that senses the presence of delegates in each session of the conference and transmits the data to a database in the cloud. The telemetry data is analysed and session by session attendance information is sent to the organisers. We also compute the education credits and provide it to PMI NZ.

Each delegate is issued with a smart tag along with their name badge. The smart tags are recognised by scanners installed in different rooms at the conference venue. The scanners transmit the tag id to a database in the cloud. Using this data, it is possible to identify and notify the presence of individual delegates at specific sessions at the conference.

A major challenge was accurately pin-pointing the location of a delegate. A delegate’s presence will be noticed not only by scanners in the room where he/she is at a given moment but also by scanners in the adjacent rooms. We have designed through careful analysis and calculations, appropriate algorithms to achieve location accuracy.

We have now packaged this into a service that we offer to conference organisers as and when required. We have provided this service to PMI, Australia conference.

Client Testimonial

Kevin Jones


“Electronic Partners Limited have provided excellent service and are willing to work with us to create a solution that works. Staff are very helpful and provide insight as required. Each year they have customised our solution to meet our changing needs.

Highly recommend them. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.”


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