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Nancy Dobrodolski

It all started with the love for astronomy and telescopes. Many years ago, a friend and I tried to make a device to rotate a telescope to given coordinates. Well, this project was too ambitious for teenagers, but we learnt a lot!

After obtaining an ME in Electronics and Telecommunications, I moved to New Zealand (one dream came true) and started my career as Polytech Tutor. Then I moved to the position of R & D engineer (another dream came true). Since I wanted more challenges, I found another passion: Product Development Project Management. I enjoy the whole process of creation of electronic products – starting with having an idea to make a product and then mass producing it. Every product is unique, so the journey of product development is always an unique process, with not only technical challenges, but also time, financial, human resource, and quality challenges.

Electronic Partners offers an opportunity to work on a lot of different projects with different clients at the same time. It is a challenge to manage resources and balance priorities in an ever changing environment, but at the same time it is enjoyment as well.

Prior to coming to Electronic Partners I worked for companies such as Rakon, Navman, Phitek, Rex Bionics, where I learnt a lot about product development, starting with Sales and Marketing, through to Engineering (electronics, SW and mechanical), Manufacturing, Documentation, IP, finance and of course, Project Management methodologies.

I enjoy reading a great book, watching a good movie, and if I am not in my garden, gym or gazing at the sky, I am either spending time with my friends or with pets.