Electronic Products

Electronic Partners have been designing and developing electronic products for over 10 years.

Our electronics product development include:

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Our electronics products can be seen below.

Electronic Products

Long range IR Safety Beam

Long range IR controllerIndustrial strength safety beam designed for use with large industrial garage roller doors, but it should be used in any area where long range and reliability are requirements.

Heated Towel Rail Controller

Towel rail controllerThis must be the one of the smallest and smartest micro-controller units on the market. Our towel rail controller gives warm and dry towels every time, any time.

Stepper motor controller

Stepper motor controllerThis unit uses an isolated 4-20mA control signal to direct the position of a stepper motor. The display shows input control current, actual motor position or requested motor position. Currently designed for a 5V -5A bi-directional stepper motor, it can easily be modified to suit other models.

Embedded Web Servers

Embedded web serverDoes your design have limited interface capabilities? Do physical constraints or location make your product inaccessible? Would you like to improve support to your clients? To provide remote management solutions Electronic Partners inserts Web Servers into new and existing designs using HTTP and Ajax. Extra features a Web server can provide are an event logging interface, email alerts, a time server and real time information.

Ethernet Remote Firmware Upgrades

Ethernet remote firmware upgradesElectronic designs often require Ethernet, either for use now, or to future proof a product. In these designs it is beneficial to add a feature that permits remote firmware upgrading via Ethernet. This feature design uses an optimized small footprint Ethernet bootloader that can be customized to product requirements such as downtime, security and memory size. Save yourself time and simplify product management by implementing an Ethernet bootloader.