Electronic Partners are pleased to display a range of their successful design solutions, from tracking and sensors to embedded firmware development.

Dossier No.1: Remote Management

Remote ManagementCleverly designed .NET Micro Framework Internet Appliance monitors and administers management tasks for global Hospitality Software Company.


Dossier No.2: Tank Level Sensor

Tank level sensorAward-winning and patented ultra-sonic technology used in down-to-earth tank level meter. High accuracy, reliability and easy installation were key demands when Electronic Partners was asked to develop a new tank level meter for use on small and medium sized boats.


Dossier No.3: Automatic Peripheral Selector

Automatic Peripheral SelectorOur Point Of Sale Rewards System has too many peripherals. How can we connect all our peripherals to a single serial port? Please help us Electronic Partners.


Dossier No.4: Engine speed switch

Engine Speed switchConverting public transport to clean fuels like LPG or CNG does not need to be complicated. A simple controller can select what fuel is used based on engine RPM.


Dossier No.5: GPS tracker and engine immobilizer

GPS Tracker and engine immobilizerBlackhawk is the leader when it comes to tracking passenger vehicles and providing anti-theft and vehicle recovery tools. When BlackHawk required a new generation electronics they contacted Electronic Partners.

Dossier No.6: Fan Controller For Server Racks

Fan controller for server racksAn active, intelligent fan controller for server racks which monitors, controls and alerts failures locally and over the internet.


Dossier No.7: Monitor Collar for Dogs

Monitor Collar for dogs
Electronic dog collar monitors your dog’s behaviour by recording every aspect of your dog’s activity in real time, then sends the data to the server for you to access easily via internet.